1. RESTful with Tornado

    RESTful is an impression from REST (Representational State Transfer), which has gain popularity due to it's simplicity, maintainability and scalability. Nowadays, with the rapid growth of data sets and Big Data is no new vocabular to most of the people. We start to pay attention to how to manage such gigantic data and scalability is something that we sought after. But this article will be about RESTful implementation with Tornado.

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  2. Frozen Ground

    Thu 29 August 2013
    Tags: movie

    I came across this movie randomly and as usual, whenever Nicholas Cage is starring a movie, I never say no, somemore seeing John Cusack starring it as well, this generally is a must watch movie for me. But the title "Frozen Ground" is not saying much what is this movie is all about. I generally don't read sypnosis nor preview and unless I am having almost zero confident in to even trying to watch the movie.

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  3. Getting Started with STK500 on Ubuntu

    Well, the last time I did something on STK500 was back in 2009 and it really has been a while. Back then, I did my embedded project using AVR Studio in Windows due to my lack of knowledge in Linux. I think it's time to start some hobby projects that I'd been discussing with my colleague, he's definitely someone who can solder very well. My first encounter here with STK500 again will definitely NOT be in Windows, although I have to admit, AVR Studio had evolved to be a very decent IDE. But heck, I'm going to do it in my Ubuntu 12.04 and slashes through the hurdles.

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Hi, I am Nicholas Tan Jerome. I work as an application software engineer for IMKO GmbH in Ettlingen, DE.

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